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UFnext fork sensor

The UF ultrasonic sensors reliably detects labels and materials, regardless of printed design, transparency or surface characteristics. Unlike optical sensors, the UF3 relies on damping – a process where the thickness of a material determines the degree to which the sensor absorbs sound waves. A high level of positioning accuracy and stable response times make the fork sensor suitable for nearly any environment. Due to its small, compact metal housing, the UF can be used in harsh conditions and where space is limited. As a result, the UF3 can distinguish between labels located just 2 mm apart from one another on an adhesive tape. Applications include detecting transparent labels on transparent substrates, detecting labels with different printed designs or differentiating between single- and two-ply materials.

At a glance

  • Detection of transparent, opaque or printed labels
  • Unaffected by metallic foils and labels
  • Fast response time of 250 µs
  • Rugged, IP 65 aluminum housing

    Your benefits

  • Reliable label detection, regardless if labels are transparent, opaque or have a printed design, ensuring greater flexibility with one sensor
  • Fast response times enable precise detection – even at high web speeds
  • The aluminum housing meets all requirements for use in harsh industrial conditions
  • Setting the switching threshold using the +/- push buttons or teach-in
  • Ultrasonic technology prevents false detection, which may be caused by ambient light or shiny surfaces

    Fields of application

  • Beverage
  • Food
  • Consumer goods

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